Sunday, July 28, 2013

Silence Shouts

Sometimes I find myself sitting down to my laptop to check Facebook or read the news and instead my hands begin to write.  
It's not like I'm possessed of a spirit, don't get the holy water out.  But the words which fill my thoughts and my heart need to be expressed, to be left behind. 
Sometimes I am inclined to share them because I think perhaps someone else in this great big planet needs to know that someone else sees the world through the same struggles and triumphs. 
 After spending the better part of the last three days alone, as I do most week-ends,  these words fell from my hands.  
I hope they bless someone. I hope someone is encouraged by them.  I hope someone sees how near God can be even when we think He is far removed and has left us to be alone.
Silence Shouts
The silence shouts
His Accusations
His Perceptions of
My reality.
His doubts.
His rejections.
His opinions based on
I disdain the silence
For all of its fullness.
I know where the truth
For behind every accusation
Is a measure of guilt.
Behind every perception
Is an ounce of action.
I know how stark is the reality.
Behind every doubt
Is a moment of weakness.
Behind every rejection
Is a time of darkness.
Behind every opinion
Is a judgment weighed honestly.
What the silence doesn’t know
Can’t see
Won’t look for
Is the foundational Truth that
Carries me through.
The truth is the Truth is my foundation
And the darkness and the light are both alike
To the Truth.
Opinions reverse.
Rejections erase.
Reality clears.
Doubts diminish.
Perceptions change.
Accusations are silenced.
In the stillness when
The wind has blown itself out
The earthquake has come to rest
The fire is brought to ash
Then, the Truth speaks clearly.
“Be still and know that I am God.”
“I have carved you in the palm of My Hand.”
“My plans for you are for good and not for evil.”
“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
And that’s when the silence is silenced.

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