Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Presenting . . . The Book of Pages

Well, your friend the writer is considering taking a leap to cross the chasm between writer and author. What’s the difference? Publication.

I have fearfully looked over this chasm with its plethora of unknowns for many years. How does one find a publisher? Are all agents the same? Can I afford to self-publish? And is there any point in that? How can I sell my own stuff? Who cares?

If you know me at all, you know I'm terrified of heights.  Someone with great patience will have to walk with me over this bridge....

Along comes Lulu.com and, for the moment, I think I may have solved the publisher problem. I can self-publish an e-book which can be converted to hardcover by personal order for a pretty small sum.

I am going to start the process. I think. If I don’t back down.

I mean… what if I go to the trouble and throw my heart out there on a string and it doesn’t make it to the other side, but crashes splintering into the abyss? What if no one cares that I have a book out there that could be read?

But see, then there’s the other “what if.” What if people would like it, would grow from it, would glean something of value from my meanderings? God gave me this talent to use for some purpose. What if by not sharing it, I’m failing Him?

That’s scarier than failing, to be honest with you.

Therefore, hereby I do declare I will at some point in the nearer, rather than later, future put together the Book of Pages – Musings and Meanderings of a New Single Woman.

If in the past at some point you have read something -whether on this blog or through various other Kris NewMan sharing events -you remember, please let me know. It may make the final cut and you’ll know it was at your suggestion.

Similarly, if you have ever read something of mine that was really, really bad . . . please, please tell me! I wouldn’t let you walk out of the restaurant with lettuce in your teeth. Don’t let me put something in my first attempt at authordom which stinks.

I’m kind of excited about this. I don’t expect I’ll make any bestseller list and I don’t guess Oprah will call me, but perhaps there is someone who will be blessed.

Now you know how a writer looks at becoming an author. We’re terrified.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I've been waiting and waiting for this. I'll order an autographed copy of your first (of many) books right now!

    As to what I think you should include... too many things to list. *smile* But from a personal level, some of the most influential things were in private emails. But you've spoken to my heart so many times, it would be hard to pick a few certain things.

    I'm excited to see where God takes you on this great adventure!

    Much love,

  2. Hi Kris,
    I am usually overwhelmed with things going on and haven't kept up with your blog at all but I felt compelled for some reason to save your link. I checked it out today an can only wish the best for you. It all does sound scary to put yourself out there like that, but if you don't you will never know what could have been. With faith like yours, I don't know how you could go wrong. I believe those little voices (gut feelings) are sometimes our guiding angels telling us what to do and thats why we need to listen. Listen carefully so as not to be influenced by what you are desiring. I also have very recently found a long lost cousin on facebook who is an aspiring artist. Check out her website if you desire. It's JaneJandaCreations.com. Or something like that.
    Good luck and God Bless you,
    Sally Neisius
    (from Milt's Gender class)

  3. thanks so much, sally! how fun to hear from you! i'll check out that website.

    if you want to be on the blog mail list, send me your e-mail address at newkris@yahoo.com or sign in as a guest on krisanewman.webs.com and i'll keep you updated.

    some day - soon - i'll be an author. :)

  4. "some day - soon - i'll be an author. :)"

    Can't wait to see what you and God put together! ;)

  5. Oh, Mommy. I love you so. I too am catching up on your blog posts. I see you have already changed the title to your book. I like the new title better, I think. Reading your posts about foster care makes me think. Some children, as you say, leave scarred and marred forever. Some children come away and change their world. Look at yourself. You may have never officially fostered (at least not that I know of), but you fostered so many of us over the years. We came from good homes, bad homes, broken homes, sad homes, but we all found a special place with you. I hold the distinction of being the first daughter to choose you. I think God put you in my life at just the right time. Not only you, but John and Thi as well. I hope I have been able to touch your lives to even a small degree of the way you've touched mine. I'm so proud to know you, and so happy that you're finally crossing the chasm. Think like Indiana Jones, Mommy, have a little faith, take the leap, and astonishing things will happen. God Bless. I love you!