Thursday, September 9, 2010

Music Sings the Colors of Life

Music plays a big part in my world.

I was listening to music practice one afternoon and feeling the keyboard notes run along my arms and it occurred to me that music, like writing, is intrinsic to my identity.

I could describe people to you by the kinds of music they like. John is a little edgy, a little country. Melissa is sometimes romantic, but with a strong streak. Tina is rock ‘n roll laced with a healthy respect for blues. Bob? Full of mystery and depth behind blue eyes. Thi might come across as traditional, but once he opens the door you find a wide assortment of sound and intellect.

I’m an eclectic mix that begins with a colorful clash of poetry and sound and ends with fun mixes.

I’ll let you guess which bands apply.

I like Christian music, mostly, but I get bored with the repetitious redundancy of much of it. I find it interesting that people criticize my wide taste in music. Really? You think my musical taste is questionable, don’t even ask me about what I read.

I also find it interesting that they don’t want to take up the discussion about why I like what I like and how I think God sees it. They only want to tell me how they think God sees it. Hmm. In the words of my oh-so-wise Grandma, “who died and made you boss?” I wonder if they would object to a classical composer if they knew of his personal choices and misadventures. I don’t meant to be critical, but it sure sticks in my craw sometimes.

Back to music.

Music speaks to me. Not only the lyrics, the very sound of certain melodies will stick with me for days. I can hear their strains calling me to move for days, sometimes years. There seems to be a song for every event. I am forever singing something random because music is forever filling my mind.

I find myself drawn to music, like all art forms, which has a deeper meaning, something that goes well beyond the surface. I have to like the surface, too, though. A wild cacophony of sound has no purpose. Distorted, unintelligible lyrics are foolishness to me. Shallow, common rhythms bore me. Loud, I like. Soft, I enjoy.

I’m not a musician, but I sure do dig music.


  1. Love love love this! Of course, life for me IS a musical. And I believe you are a musician...musical compositions in your mind put to prose. NV

  2. I have lived a similar life and relate to your random thoughts. I also love Music. A huge variety of music draws me in. As I read your words I hear their melodies. Not always the same beat or melody but I feel and hear the song. Keep on singing, keep on writing, keep on crossing bridges... we may be singing the same song, or on the same bridge or perhaps I am being prepared to cross a bridge you have already crossed....

  3. So sorry I just got around to reading this. I am the second worst procrastinator in the world! I really enjoyed it though, would have kept on reading, but it ended:( good, true story.

    Drew Goebel.

  4. So true. I have a friend to quit music and the band because church told him that the music he was playing wasn't Godly. He is a wonderful person and musician. We miss him but he made his choice and for that I respect him. I think it unfair for his church to tell him that the salsa music he was playing wasn't Godly. I am a Christian who was raised on every type of music around. I have also raised my children this way. They are also Christians in the Catholic church and I would never discourage them from any type of music they like. I may not enjoy their music but it is their choice.
    Love you Krissy!!!