Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy New You!

Aha!  There it is!  The September/October edition of the Chippewa Valley's premier women's magazine is on the stands. Here is the link to the website where you can find full editions.  5iveForWomen

Here's to a Happy New You!

Autumn always catches me by surprise.  It seems as though I go to sleep one night to warm summer breezes and wake up to a cool catch in the sky.  The trees burst in gold and red.  Shadows are sharper and longer.  Autumn is here!

Other seasons sort of slide into each other.  The air warms slowly in spring bringing bits of bright flowers one bloom at a time.  Spring slips into summer with temps climbing with the corn.  Even winter sneaks in behind Thanksgiving and teases until Christmas.  But autumn bursts in, forcing the door wide open and catching me off guard.  One of these years I will remember to throw a jacket in the car for those days that start with the AC on and end with a chill.  

The “Back to School” ads should be my first warning sign.  Every marketer worth their salt will take advantage of it.  All the things a student needs to be the smartest, best dressed, most popular shout from every vantage point.  Every corner store touts all the right tools to give the student the best boost.

Even with all those red and orange shouting sale signs, autumn shocks me.  The leaves begin to fall, the flowers begin to fade and the bustle of summer gives way to matters of great importance.  It feels like autumn should be the beginning of the year.  Maybe it’s all the stacked up years of school behind me, but I feel like I should be doing something new every fall. 

Life seasons are like that, too, I have found.  We skip our way through the school and work years -building careers and families one small moment at a time.  Laced with laughter, stitched with weary work, life builds a full photo album of Kodak moments.  

We are in college or engaged or starting a new career.  We sing through the pages presented hardly noticing the pace increasing stanza by stanza.  Possibly children are added to the symphony bringing their own joyful sounds to the concert.  No time to stop and listen!  The conductor pushes us forward to the fine!

Wise live-rs soak up the memories banking them against the future.  They take long walks holding small hands.  They swim and boat and splash while the sun is high.  They take time for coffee breaks with friends absorbing the good of their fellow travelers.  These are people who know it is much easier to carry a burden with a friend than to stumble along alone.  They use the precious commodity of time to stash away smiles to pull out when the season changes.

Because, one day, suddenly, without warning it changes.  The nest is empty, trauma knocks on the door, the company downsizes and we find ourselves looking at a new path that we didn’t expect to see.   Change appears and challenges our perceptions.  It’s disconcerting when everything we worked so hard to build begins to fall.  The very foundation beneath us shakes until up is down and down is up.

The trick to getting through the change is to find something to focus on that is good, beautiful, fulfilling.  Use the season to your advantage.  Pull from the storehouse of relationships you have built in the summer season and you will find shelter and strength against the hard days.  

It’s likely you cannot control the catalyst of this change anymore than you can put the leaves back on the trees.  It’s likely you didn’t realize how much of yourself you had given away to the summer sunshine and now you find yourself depleted and chilled.  It’s likely you have been made to stop, to wait for the bus, to hold the new tools given by someone else as you face an uncertain day.  

What does “normal” look like now?  When the rain stops dripping and the wind stops blowing and all the golden drops of promise have swirled away, what remains?  Your character, your loved ones, your talents. 
Like a kid with a new school year, look beyond the challenges and invest in a new outcome.  

You will find deeper riches in this season.  Kick up that carpet of leaves and dance on the crunchy floor of them!  Invite a friend in and treat them to tea for two!  Breathe deeply of the fresh, crisp air!  Fill your lungs and sing! 

If autumn has caught you by surprise, unwrap the present and see what blessings it holds.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Love lavishly.  Live deeply.  Laugh richly.  

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sooner or Later

Any minute the next edition of 5ive For Women will be available at  It will include a little piece about changing seasons and I will surely post it here.... but while we wait for the printers to finish printing, here is a little autumn piece to read while you sip your pumpkin spice latte.

It can be found under the Fall section of A Friend Named Jesus.  As explained in the book, Fall is a time when "...Things are falling, chill replaces warmth, doors are closed and you wonder if God is still there. You hold to promises unseen, not realizing your faith is growing a foundation." 


August 17, 2008

Thinking about unwritten books, unspoken words, unthought emotions.   

They sit there, beneath the surface waiting for the right pen to come along and begin the sentence.  Or maybe it’s not even the pen, but the words that are unsaid.  These ideas that need something to give them life.  These emotions that need someone to give them purpose.  They sit there buried under reality and wish that someone dig a little deeper, ask another question, see a little more clearly.

Instead.  They stay unwritten, unspoken, unthought.

But felt.  Clearly. 

I keep wishing that the words under my skin would find some way to be released.  That they would find someone to hear them.  That someone would care enough to remove the wall, brick by brick, and allow the words to breathe.

I’m afraid of failure.  I’m afraid that if I open myself up, I’ll only find myself vulnerable and hurt.  I’m afraid that if I try to speak, I’ll not find an unresponsive listener, but I’ll find ridicule.  And so I swallow the words and put the pen away and close the book.

I’d rather keep them to myself than risk their exposure to taunting. 

But You say to be open.  You say to share my words.  You say to be an open book.

Can You tell me, please, if anyone wants to hear, then?  Can You tell me please if I’m just to carry all of this emotion alone for all my life? 

Would the words be shushed if they were shared? 

See?  That’s why I close the book, put the pen away and swallow the words.

But the words push themselves to the surface over and again.  Unwilling to remain unseen. 

If only I knew someone would listen.  I would share my words.  I would describe the cacophony of sound I see and sing the colors that dance around me.  I would write in great detail and wondrous prose the events and times and lives that shape my world.  I would leave a legacy.  A written record.  A history. 

But no one really seems to want to hear. 

Or perhaps, I am not looking far enough or deep enough or soft enough.

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