Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second Book, Much Like the First

Anyone who would like to place an advance order for my second book - A Friend Named Jesus - can do so by a quick note to my e-mail at  I will let you know an expected ship date and where to send payment.  Also let me know if you would like a signed copy - which will take a little longer.  Cost is $15 (plus shipping). 

This book is about seasons of life and how a follower of Christ sees them.  From the freshness of spring, the busy-ness of summer, the stillness of autumn and the quiet of winter God is unchanging.  Like my first book, it is a collection of short stories, poems and reflections.  Some of them you have read here on the blog, others were written many years ago - as far back at 1988. 

To whet your appetite, many readers requested an account of Lisa's version of A Night at the Theater.  As fictional as the first, A Night in the Audience tells Lisa's story.  

 Below is a sneak-peek:

A Night in the Audience
            Protected by the leather about her, she huddled in her seat hoping he wouldn’t know she was there.  She wondered if her Day Class peers would fill the front row or be seated elsewhere.  She hoped she would recognize the professor, so as to assure her attendance would be noted.  She wished she could have been at the performance with her Week-End classmates, but she would be busy getting divorced when they were in the audience.
Lisa was startled by a deep bass voice suddenly beside her, “Good evening.”
            “Hello,” she responded politely.
            “I believe you may be in my seat,” he stated quietly.