Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pentecostal Flavored Church

Had a conversation about religion and church and all that jazz and thought maybe I'd share here a piece from the latest book. 

Some of you will be sure I'm crazy when you read this.  Some of you will nod your heads and smile understandingly.  Some of you will remember your own church experiences. 

Whatever your view, whatever your traditions, whatever you believe - I hope this helps you understand how I see Pentecostal flavored church.

Taste and see the Lord is good!  Psalm 34:8


February 7, 2010
Pentecostal Flavored Church

I wonder…
How do they see all of this activity?
You know, outsiders.

Frayed edges flying freely
Called prayer,
Called worship,
Called church.
Pentecostal-flavored-church to be exact.

Do they see them
Neatly flowing together
Like prayer shawl fringes?
In harmony, Billowing, Following, Patterned?

Or fragmented, scattered, disjointed
Without plan or purpose.

Mostly I wonder
How do You see it?

All those waving hands
All those mixing voices
All those flowing tears
All that peace consuming
Fears falling, anger melting, sickness healing.

It seems to me
Casually, involvedly observing
From the inside out of this cacophony
That You hear every request and answer.

And the people who let down their guard
Put away their inhibitions
Shed their religiosity
They know, young and old, it is good
To be where You are.

But what of those who have lived long enough to
Reason You away?
Reason faith away?
Reason peace away?

Those who are not accustomed to feeling
Blatant emotion
Deep conviction
Pure joy.

What do they see here?
Who can explain such a mystery?  Which words would one use?
How can it be qualified, justified, simplified
This deep calling to deep?
This thing called
Pentecostal-flavored church.

Love is tangible in a place like this.

It’s a safe covering that starts in
The hands and eyes and arms.
From God to us.
From us to God.
Between each.

Friendly hands compassionately holding friends’ hands
Like babies -protectively and gently.
Trust beaming from every pore.

We sing earthly things don’t matter
And we mean it.
For a space of time
Moments, hours
All else falls away and the strength and grace of the
Community called church family
Envelops us.

That’s Pentecostal-flavored church.

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  1. Thanks for conjuring in my mind many of the Pentecostal-flavored services from birth to my "old age" I have been & continue to be part of. This should be a reminder our lives should be Pentecostal-flavored.