Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Friend Named Jesus

 My second book is about to hit the world.  Second.  The one after the first.  I can’t really quite believe it. 

It’s old and new mixed together telling the story of seasons, of life, of a walk with Jesus.  It’s my stories and words and tells about stuff I see.  It’s smarmy and meant to mostly be a way to send a message of grace to Followers of Christ.  It’s true.  I wrote for an audience.  I don’t know if they will like it and I’m really not sure anyone who doesn’t label themselves Christian will find any value in it.  I didn’t intentionally set out to offend anyone or disenfranchise anyone, but the words fell where they belonged and I couldn’t take them out.

I like some of it.  I enjoyed writing much of it.  Like all of my ramblings, a genuine mix of laughter and tears fell through my hands as the stories grew.  Simplicity and complexity are woven among the lines dragging the reader from one place to another.

I’ve received amazingly gracious reviews from the first book.  I hope this books finds a similar reception.  I hope people grow from it and see how easy it is to live for Jesus through really tough times.  I also hope that Christians see how deeply important it is to show love to others – regardless of how “fine” they are on the outside.  Follow this link:  Love One Another and see just a few verses about the necessity of loving.  

It’s Christmas.  Don’t know what to give someone?  How about a little love?  Easier than you think.  Even easy to wrap.  I generally use words and arms to wrap mine.  A Friend Named Jesus won’t hit your mailbox in time, but love has no timeline.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year, friends!  Thanks for sharing the journey with me.  

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