Sunday, December 12, 2010

Readers and Writer

I have to apologize to my readers, wherever you are. I haven’t been in the mood to write much lately. Maybe it’s the way people have reacted to the book that’s made me reticent. I feel almost third-person-ish talking about this Author Kris Newman who spills her guts to the world.

I know the transparency of my words give honesty and purpose to my experiences. That’s why I write about them.

Some have been angry with me. Misunderstanding my need to express, they think perhaps I’m trying to justify myself, my actions, my life. I’m not. Some of my writing is, indeed, cathartic. Most is the result of prayer, contemplation and reader reaction.

On one level, my writing is a ministry. It’s a way of helping others to deal with the difficulties of life that I have dealt with. Not because I have become some perfect specimen of grace and forgiveness; but, in my human reactions to the events of my life I have found Someone to give me grace and forgiveness. The answer to my life’s complications doesn’t come from within my own strength, but in the strength I get from God.

Say what you may, but that’s how I see it.

I see my writing as an expression of that, a way to connect others to God who has helped me so He can help them.

Some readers of the book are surprised to learn how similar we all are. At least, that’s how I perceive their response. Perhaps it is I who is surprised to learn how similar they are to me. Some pieces I expect people to like and they don’t. Some pieces I expect them to find shallow or foolish, and they love them.

Readers, I have decided, are an unpredictable lot.

The one piece which seems to garner the strongest reaction is the one I enjoyed writing the most: A Night at the Theater. Some readers have begged to know who is the mysterious woman, what is the relationship between the two, and is there a sequel! All are unanswered questions which make my heart smile to no end.

I’m a little afraid to see my words in print because I know I can’t take them back and hide them anymore. I think that’s why I haven’t written.

But don’t think for a minute that the words have left me. They push me along on the whims of their way. As long as I’m alive, I’m sure, I’ll be writing something.

And as long as I know you’re reading, I’ll keep writing. Please forgive the time between when I simply must catch my breath and determine if I really am strong enough to throw my heart out there.

I know not everyone will like everything that I write. I know not everyone will understand everything. Writing isn’t a popularity contest or a test of my ability. It’s only expression.

And so, my readers, please forgive my reticence. And thank you, so very much, for stopping by to chat with me.

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  1. i'm still reading. so, i hope you keep writing. everytime i see you've written something new i can't help but smile. i love the things you write. as long as you write, i will read:) Love you! can't wait to see what you write next!

  2. People who get angry over a lovely and thought-provoking book like yours are jealous. Jealous because you were brave enough to face life head on. Jealous because you were brave enough to be brutally honest about life, and yourself, and the way you see life and people and situations. Jealous because you're a real-life author now and living a dream. Jealous because they're too cowardly to do the same thing.

    Just sayin'... :-)

    *Hugs* to you, my lovely friend! I, for one, am already looking for a sequel. :-)

  3. I gotta tell you, as a writer it is quite the privilege to evoke emotion in a reader. It means I have conveyed something that made someone think - agree or disagree. Engaging a reader is the supreme compliment to a writer. That's when I know someone is seeing through my eyes, sharing my experience.

    I love having the feedback. It's good that not everyone agrees with everything. It means you are really reading and analyzing the text. It also means I am not just repeating what someone else has said.

    Thank you all for the compliment of being my readers.