Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lovely Christmas Memories

I remember when this video was new. It wasn't a video at all, actually, and YouTube didn't exist even in someone's imagination.

Grandma and I were sitting in the living room watching the Bing Crosby Christmas special. Grandpa may have been there, too, but I don't remember.

I thought it was so cool that David Bowie would be performing with Bing Crosby. It was like my generation and Grandma's generation meeting in the middle. I wondered if the children of my generation would have more peace than those of Grandma's.

You might find it odd that I would consider such a thing at that age, but if you knew the politics and information that I had been raised listening to, you wouldn't be surprised.

I wish that Grandpa could see that Russia is no longer the awful threat it once was. I wish he knew that the efforts of World War II had, mostly, paid off.

I wish I could tell him that the terrorist tactics begun in the 1970s had ended, but they seem to have redoubled their efforts instead.

Peace on earth? Can it be?

One life at a time, perhaps. If only everyone knew the Prince of Peace. If everyone understood His plan for growth and prosperity. Then . . . perhaps . . . every child could be made aware, could be made to care.

Thanks, David and Bing for a great Christmas memory.

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